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Gums Loop Track - Wainuiōmata

Updated: Jan 22

Sunday 20th March 2022

Location: 157 Hine Road, Wainuiōmata, Lower Hutt 5014

This is a beautiful, easy walk, ideal for all ages and fitness levels. The track gently winds through a beautiful lowland forest with native trees and towering gums (hence the name). Also, it looks like a Greater Wellington Regional Council track so the signage is superb! We were lucky to have some of our much loved cousins join us for this walk. Even Master 4 did amazingly well, walking the entire way like a little champion.

So now for the walk. To the right of the carpark there are the most stunning toilets and a drinking fountain.

There is also a remembrance garden. It looked so beautiful and well cared for. We wandered around and admired the head stones. It didn't have that eerie graveyard feeling, it was warm and inviting.

Once we were ready to get moving we crossed the field to find the entrance to the Gums Loop Track. We decided to walk it anti-clockwise.

There's a tiny hill at the beginning (like very very tiny), after that it's pretty much all flat.

Lush grassy picnic area's, beautiful native bush and a few big gum trees speckled around.

The kids found long sticks and little Master 4 noticed that there were holes in some of the leaves he was studying. He asked why they were like that and Mum told him that the caterpillars like to eat the leaves. He thought that was a great explanation and then reminded us that caterpillars eat and eat and eat and get fat and then turn into butterflies.

At the top of the track you reach the Mackay Cottage site which is where you can continue on to more challenging tracks (today was not the day, we will be back though).

A little further on we found a sign that pointed to a picnic area where we found a table and a stream. There was talk of paddling our feet but we opted to wait until we got closer to the car and had some snackage instead.

After our picnic we continued along the track, crossing a swing bridge.

The track then runs beside a road. We started off a little apprehensive but then realised that everyone else was walking on the road. We saw a 30km sign and decided it was an access road (we confirmed this at the end of the road when we saw the sign saying no vehicles are allowed). This would be such a great place to take the kids biking. There is also a sign that points to a swimming hole about half way along.

Once we reached the end of the road we took a left down towards the river. This is where we decided to dip our toes in (and did a little competitive stone throwing). It'd be a great spot for a summer swim and is only about 5min from where we parked our car.

After 30 min or so we wandered over the little bridge and headed back across the field to the car.

Yet another great walk Wainui! So impressed, we'll be back. Plus a big thanks to our awesome cousins for joining us - always fun to have others along on a walk😊.

Age of Kids: 7yr and 9yrs (Plus 10yr, 8yr and 4yr)

Walking Time: We walked for 1 hour but it took us more like 1.45min as we stopped a few times and had a paddle in the river.

Distance: We walked 3.8km - which included walking down to the picnic area and through the remembrance garden

Elevation: 63m

Buggy Friendly: Yes (it's not a sealed footpath, so a sturdy buggy would be ideal)

Difficulty: Easy

Wet Feet: No (unless it's intentional)

Amenities: There's a toilet and drinking fountain at the carpark and lots of picnic tables scattered around.

Dogs: Yes, on lead only it's a Kiwi Zone.

Cellphone Reception: The cell reception was patchy

Things to be aware of: This is an awesome walk for little people - there aren't many hazards. Maybe the only real thing is if they "accidently" go for a paddle in one of the swimming holes - then you might have wet clothes :)


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