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Pūkaha Loop Track - Mt Bruce

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

‎Saturday, ‎24 ‎February ‎2018

Location: Mount Bruce, 85379 SH2 Masterton

Pukaha Mt Bruce is a great place to take the kids. At the bottom is the wildlife sanctuary which can easily take up two hours. Our kids loved finding the birds on the signs and learning about the kiwi. There is an entry cost (we think it was around $50-$60 for our family but check out their website for current costs

The Lookout Loop Track is a bit of a climb but both the kids managed to walked most of the way themselves (apart from the odd shoulder ride for Miss 4). We started off clockwise, winding up a ridge through beautiful native bush.

At the top you're rewarded with sweeping views of the northern Wairarapa farms with the Taurarua Ranges as a backdrop.

The views make the walk worthwhile :)

Age of our Kids: 6yr and 4yr.

Buggy Friendly: Not really. Although our insanely awesome friend pushed a buggy around the entire track so it's possible...but enjoyment factor maybe a 2/10

Walking Time: Around 2.5 hours for us

Length: 4 km

Type of Track: Loop

Difficulty: Easy - Moderate (a few climbs)

Amenities: The sanctuary at the bottom has everything you could need, including a café.

Dogs: No Things to be aware of: The bird feeding in the sanctuary is great for the kids so time your day around what's on. There is an entry cost.


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