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We're a young family of four who live in the Wellington Region and love the outdoors. When the kids were really young we called them adventure walks, leisurely and full of surprises. Discovering mushrooms, watching birds and learning the names of our native trees. Every hill climbed was followed by celebratory chocolate and a sit down to rest the legs. As they grew we ended up doing longer walks and now we regularly go tramping in the Tararua Ranges. 

Getting out on big walks has shown us how important it is to get away from screens, the daily grind and to have uninterrupted connection with one another and our environment. We need strong resilient Tamariki to lead the world of tomorrow, what better way to do this then to teach them through walking. They learn perseverance, how to support each other, celebration of successes, the pain of failure, teamwork (we're all in it together) and most importantly a sense of wonder at how beautiful and precious our Aotearoa is. 

We found that there are so many reviews and information online about walks around the Wellington Region but we really struggled to find information specifically for walking with kids (or even one website that had a huge list of walks, many just have x5-10) so we decided to share our adventures and what we've leant along the way to hopefully inspire more young families to enjoy our beautiful whenua. We're not writers or professional bloggers so you'll have to stick with us as we learn. 

Aroha to everyone, 

Mr & Mrs Walking with Kids

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