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Wellington Botanical Gardens

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

‎‎Sunday, ‎19 ‎August ‎2018

Sunday, ‎12 ‎May ‎2019

‎Saturday, ‎12 ‎October ‎2019

Location: Kelburn, Wellington

The botanical gardens are a great place for a day out or to begin something a little more adventurous (we began the City to Sea and the Northern Walkway from here).

Getting around the park can take a couple of hours if you go right up the top to the cable car and back. There are of course numerous attractions to see including the playground in the middle which our kids love, the Space Place if you have a bit of time to spare, the gardens themselves and the cable car.

The café at the top of the cable car area has some spectacular views and can help recharge adult batteries, as with the one in the Rose Garden.

Walking Time: 30min+

Difficulty: Easy

Buggy Friendly: Yes

Amenities: Toilets, cafes, the Treehouse, the Space Place...

Dogs: Yes (on lead only)


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