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City to Sea Walkway - Parliament to Island Bay

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Saturday, ‎27 ‎June ‎2020

Location: you’re supposed to start next to Parliament or at the Wellington Train Station

We actually started on Bolton Street at the Bolton Street Cemetery because of where our car was parked.

The City to Sea Walkway starts in the heart of central Wellington near Parliament and ends at the south coast, 14.4km away in Island Bay. The walk is well sign posted with yellow markers, we nominated the kids as Chief Navigators. They loved being responsible for spotting the sign posts.

This walk has to make it into one of our all time favourites. Yes, the Southern Walkway is arguably better maintained but you just don't get the same variety. From walking through the Botanical Gardens to the the rubbish pit below Vic Uni, exploring the bursts of colour in Te Aro Valley, kaka in Brooklyn, the quiet green of the Berhampour Golf Course and then coming down the rugged coast into Island Bay...which of course has ice creams and a playground to keep those tiny feet moving for the last 2 km.

Also, as an added bonus and which I think helped us a lot... there are multiple playgrounds along the way. Funny how a kid can be feeling slightly weary and then about 15min of running around a playground they're ready to go again :).

We also caught a double decker bus back into the city, the kids loved this! (because Island Bay is the first stop you have a great chance of being at the front.)

Because this walk is through the city you can easily bail if you need too.

Age of Kids: Master 8 and Miss 5

Walking Time: 5.5 hours (we actually did it faster than what the pdf says, which is funny because we stopped A LOT)

Length: 14.4km

Difficulty: Moderate/Hard

Wet Feet: No

Amenities: Yes - you walk via Aro Valley and are never far away from shops if you need to make a detour (or duck in for a cheeky pint). There is a drinking fountain in Brooklyn Park too which we used to refill our water bottles.

Dogs: Yes (on lead only)

Cellphone Reception: Yes


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