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Henley Lake - Masterton

Updated: May 7, 2022

Saturday 24th April 2022

Location: Colombo Road or Te Ore Ore Road, Masterton 5810

Henley Lake is such a beautiful location! It is part of the greater Masterton park 'system'. Below is a map we found on MDCs website which shows the links between the parks.

It’s a great family walk, with an easy path and plenty of things for everyone to see and do.

In autumn, it is absolutely stunning with so many deciduous trees.

There are multiple carparks, but we tend to start where the boat-sheds are on Colombo Road (the lake was originally made for rowing).

There are also toilets and playgrounds near this carpark.

*The school playground is just behind the boat sheds and toilet block.

There is a fantastic number of birds, including all the usual lake suspects (ducks and swans). We sat on one of the many seats and admired the view, is was outstanding, reaching out towards our beautiful Tararua Ranges.

What our kids loved the most about this walk, was that every hundred meters or so there is something new and different to stop and look at. This included art pieces, exercise equipment, tracks to get down to the river and of course playgrounds.

Such a beautiful spot! Thanks Masterton :)

Age of Kids: Miss 7 and Master 9

Walking Time: 30min - 2 hours (depending how much mucking around there is)

Distance: 2km

Difficulty: Easy

Wet Feet: Not from the path

Amenities: There are toilets, playgrounds, lots of seats and a dairy on one side of the lake (if you need an ice cream).

Dogs: Dogs allowed on lead

Cellphone Reception: Yes


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