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Korokoro Stream Track to Baked Beans Bend - Belmont Regional Park

Updated: Jan 23

Sunday, ‎14 July 2023

Location: Cornish Street, Petone, Lower Hutt (or a 10-minute walk south-west from the Petone Railway Station via the pedestrian over bridge and Pito-One Road)

This track takes you to Korokoro Dam via the Korokoro Stream Track. It's a shared path used by walkers, runners, and cyclists. The path is well-maintained and mostly flat though there are a few stairs at the beginning.

From the trailhead next to the carpark a small bridge takes you to the track which heads north and follows the stream up the narrow valley. The track is initially wide, with a gentle gradient.

Crossing one of the bridges the kids noticed foam in a small whirlpool, capturing their attention for some time.

The track continues up past a small dam as you head towards the main Korokoro Dam. About halfway up the track the incline gets a little steeper and there are a few drop offs to the side.

The kids found some onion weed and had a quick dart throwing competition.

We reached a fork in the trail (Baked Beans Bend), from here you can take a left and wind up towards the Belmont Trig, or continue straight towards the Korokoro Dam. This is where we turned around and started heading back (we'd run out of time).

We've been both ways previously. The climb up to the trig is a zag zig type track through a pine forest and then though bush and open paddocks to the top. It has many beautiful views but can be a bit of a slog for little legs. The track to the Korokoro Dam narrows considerably and leads through spectacular native bush on a slippery, but beautiful track. The last time we went, the track was closed just before the dam so it might be worth checking out the GWRC website if you intend to do the entire walk.

As with our walk up the valley, our return trip provided a number of scenic views.

A lovely afternoon walk, thanks again Belmont Regional Park!

Below is our AllTrails Map

Age of Kids: Miss 8 & Master 11

Walking Time: 1:10min

Length: 6.3km

Difficulty: Easy

Wet Feet : No

Amenities: No

Dogs: Dogs allowed

Cellphone Reception: Yes


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