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Ōtari-Wilton’s Bush

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

‎Sunday, ‎4 ‎April ‎2021 (Easter Sunday)

Location:160 Wilton Road, Wilton, Wellington

We walked from the Information Centre down to the Troup Picnic lawn and then up the Blue Track (over the bridge at the bottom of the lawn) to the 800 year old Rimu. The kids all loved the Rimu.

We then meandered back down the track to the Troup Picnic lawn for lunch (and an Easter Egg Hunt). We cooked some sausages on the free BBQ and sat in the sun (we brought coffee and hot chocolate too - of course).

The kids wandered down to the bridge over the stream where they watched the eels - a big highlight.

Wilton Bush is such a beautiful little sanctuary.

Age of Kids: Miss 6 & Master 8 (we also had a 4yr and 2yr old with us).

Walking Time: We were only walking for about an hour.

Length: Our trip was about 2.5km.

Difficulty: Really good tracks with a few steep spots. Overall it was easy.

Wet Feet: Only if you chose to dip them.

Amenities: Toilets and BBQ's on Troup Lawn.

Dogs: No

Cellphone Reception: Yes

Kids comments: "We went with our friends and we liked the eels and the big tree. We would go back to do another walk".

Kids Rating (0-10)

· Overall Fun Factor: 7

· Legendary Factor: 6

· Would we do it again?: 7.5

· Exhaustion Factor: 1

"It was very fun, especially going over Easter. The eels were creepy and cool ".


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