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Remutaka Rail Trail (Upper Hutt side)

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Sunday, ‎27 ‎September 2020

Location:Turn off SH2, 9km north of Upper Hutt. The carpark is 1km along a metal road.

We both remembered it being a short walk and set off about 1pm, both feeling slightly wary after the previous evenings festivities ;)

The kids were right into it and the idea of getting to the summit tunnel was an inspiration to keep walking. There are 1km markers along the track, super helpful and fun for the kids to track how far they've gone. We wish more walks have km markers.

We'd walked about 9.5km and realised that if we didn't turn around we'd be coming out in the dark so sadly we never made it to the top. We then found Miss 5 ran out of puff about 5km from the carpark. We had x10 pieces of chocolate left so used the 5km markers to distribute the last pieces of chocolate (one piece of chocolate at every marker). With some piggy back rides from Mum and shoulder rides from Dad we made it back...19km and 4.5 hours later.

The sun was setting and we were the last car to leave the carpark - whoops ;) - out for dinner to celebrate our awesomeness

Age of Kids: Miss 5 and Master 8

Walking Time: 4.5 hours

Length: 20km return but we only managed 19km

Difficulty: Easy - wide well maintained gravel road. It's pretty flat at the beginning but then starts a gentle climb after Ladle Bend bridge. We never felt puffed but because of the distance we walked everyone's legs were sore and because of that we'd upgrade it to Moderate/Difficult.

Amenities: A long drop toilet is available at the start of the track

Dogs: Yes, it's a great walk for the dogs!

Be Aware: They often have events here so good to do a quick google before you leave. You also need to be aware of all the cyclists

Kids Rating (0-10)

  • Overall Fun Factor: 7.5/10

  • Legendary Factor (I've told all my friends about it): 5/10

  • Repeatability Factor (Can we please do it again): 9/10

  • Exhaustion Factor: 8/10

This is an awesome bike ride and can be extended into a 1-5 day trip - info here:


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