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An 'Adventure Walk' on a rainy day

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Location: It could have been anywhere :)

A Note from Mr and Mrs Walking with Kids:

Our kids didn’t start out being able to walk 20km or capable of tackling the Tararua Ranges. It all started with what we fondly refer to as an ‘Adventure Walk' (around the block). Below is a beautiful piece written by my sister about taking Master 2 on an Adventure Walk around their local streets. I love this because it’s exactly what we used to do :) Enjoy!

Off On An Adventure with Master 2

One wet afternoon no one was napping and Mummy was feeling frustrated, nothing was getting done. We decided to roll outside to get some fresh air and a new perspective on life.

With the wee 8 month old fella in the front pack and 2 year old (nearly 3) on the balance bike we set off.

We decided to visit our friends around the corner. Master 2 biked up the hill directly towards the puddles. Our older neighbor was walking her dog and she came and said hi. Master 2 was up for some excitement so he ran up the steep bank and slid into some agapanthus, got up and promptly decided he’d run down. He instantly fell, landing on his knees. Not too upset he got up and tried again with more success. He discovered he had dirty hands and proceeded to try and wipe these on our neighbours plastic rain poncho. 😆 Mummy suggested splashing hands in the puddle would be better.

Master 2 wanted adventure, he headed off up the path away from our friends. He really wanted our older neighbor to join us, but she had better things to do so we parted ways. Master 2 led the way feeling very confident. At the top the path it becomes a wide dead-end road with no footpath. 'Mummy says just go slowly now'...oops too late we head straight for the curb, twist and land on a driveway. Thankfully the thickly lined onesie protects the knees and up we get to walk down the road holding hands.

On the grass frontages the bike comes out again and then Mummy spots the big empty section across the road with a container on a trailer and all sorts of interesting spots. We’re on an adventure and Master 2 is very happy!!

First, a big puddle to bike through and then a container on a trailer.

Master 2 wants to pick up the connecting hook on the trailer, looks up for an okay and then discovers it’s too hard to lift. The container goes 'up up up' he says as he looks up, it’s so big and he’s impressed.

Right, next adventure, 'Let’s bike to those big mountains Master 2'. Off we go towards two large piles of mixed gravel/dirt which has sprouted greenness over the past while. We simply must try and climb to the top. Mummy holds a hand going up, Master 2 isn’t in the least concerned and loves the view for 5 seconds before getting straight into his decent. He chooses to go backwards which proves not to be very wise so we come across the issue of dirty hands again. Mummy suggests wiping them on the wet plants and grasses.

We walk to the second mound, it’s much steeper and impossible to climb from this side so we walk around it. Still steep and Mummy’s concerned having wee 8 month old attached at the front but Master 2 gets to the top feels accomplished for 5 seconds and then chooses his path of decent. Mummy is impressed he’s doing this so well.

Let’s go check out all the tree stumps in the distance. As we walk a big long puddle appears and one small person can’t resist. Running through he trips, lands awkwardly, looks up and we both laugh, what fun! Master 2 gets up and runs back through for another go, stumbling again but likely on purpose this time.

At the tree stumps we play peek a boo and then find a rather wet hungry caterpillar making its way up one stump. Master 2 wants to sit on the stump but he puts up with standing on a cut in ledge and watching the caterpillar from there 🐛 Mummy then half lifts him to see the caterpillar at the top reaching out looking for the next stump. We feel sorry for him as it’s quite a long way off.

Master 2 really would like to touch the soggy caterpillar but Mummy has experienced this ‘touching’ before with a number of swan plant caterpillars and reiterates that we just look with our eyes.

Now, Master 2 would you like to bike back up the hill or go around the block? Oh ‘the block’ sounds far more exciting thanks. We head down the footpath, biking in ‘circles’ as we go, seems a sensible way to learn about shapes Mummy thinks patiently. We find Kowhai trees and Master 2 stops to inspect the seed pods. He picks one off, ‘ready?’ he says and gives it to Mummy. He’d like the pods opened please, Mummy cooperates. He picks more pods saying ‘ready?’ each time (Mummy often says that the beans and berries in the garden are ‘ready’ while some aren’t).

Nearly around the corner and what do you know, there’s a big drain with lots of water gushing down the gutter into it. We drop the bike and lean over the drain. Hands are into the running water and eyes eagerly looking at what’s down there, listening to the loud sounds, the hole, mesmerising! A concerned passerby stops, winds down their window and asks if we’re ok. Mummy says ‘oh we’re good thanks, just entertaining ourselves’ Master 2 has hardly noticed anything apart from moving water and the drain. We wait until his attention relaxes.

Let’s go fast now! We’re on the home stretch, cross one road and nearly home. Oh but Master 2 has other ideas. Mummy had thought about getting dinner sorted, everyone cleaned up and into bed early. Remember no midday nap was had! Ahh but what about our friends...’see Mike’ says Master 2. Okay, so that’ll be our last adventure, Mummy will have a cuppa tea and then quick home! 'We’ll need to get your motorbike cranking Master 2, let’s hit that accelerator!'. We zoom up the little rise, trying not to be distracted by everything along the way. Mummy says we’ll come back down through the grassy section so around we go to see our friends.

Now it’s getting late, Master 2 is hungry, it’s 4.50pm and glassed eyed tiredness is also definitely kicking in!! Luckily our friends helpfully have some cashews to save the day. A handful of these and a few for Mummy to ration on the quick ride home. Biking down through the grassy section is such fun but hunger is beckoning and the cashew nut is welcomed at the bottom. There’s a bit of a protest as Mummy explains that the very last cashew comes once we cross the road and go into the gate. Yay we’re home!!

What an unexpected adventure we had, all thanks to seeing the world through the eyes of Master 2 on a wet afternoon!!


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