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Te Whiti Riser - Waiwhetu

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Sunday, ‎11 ‎March ‎2018‎

Wednesday, ‎25 ‎April ‎2018

Sunday, ‎28 ‎October ‎2018

Sunday, ‎26 ‎May ‎2019

Saturday, ‎25 ‎April ‎2020

Location: Te Whiti Park, Riverside Drive, Waiwhetu, Lower Hutt. The entrance is behind the gym (use the entrance next to the playground and follow the road that runs next to the fields below the hill).

We've walked this track a lot of times; we think it's one of the best tracks in Lower Hutt. It has an easy gradient which gently winds up the hill to the top of the ECNZ firebreak where you are rewarded with a seat and stunning views across the Hutt Valley and Wellington.

We've had friends take buggy's up the track and we know lots of people who run and bike it. It's also a great evening/night walk. A great walk to take visitors on.

It can get pretty warm on a hot day so we always bring lots of water and snackage as well as a warm layer for when you reach the top.

Brilliant Walk! I'm sure we'll do it again :)

Age of Kids: 4yr and 6 yr +

Walking Time: 2-3 hours Return

Length: 8 km (Return)

Difficulty: Easy

Buggy Friendly: Borderline, only if you're keen for a slog

Amenities: Toilets, water and a picnic area are available at Te Whiti Park. There's also a seat at the top and a picnic table at the Summit Road firebreak (one tiny hill north of the Te Whiti Riser, definitely worth the extra 50 meters.

Dogs: Yes (on lead only)

Be Aware: It's a really popular track for biking so you need to watch-out for downhill cyclists (especially for the little kiddos that like to get ahead). It also gets quite exposed at the top so good to bring an extra layer, especially on a windy day.

Kids Rating (0-10)

  • Overall Fun Factor: 9/10

  • Legendary Factor (I've told all my friends about it): 8/10

  • Repeatability Factor (Can we please do it again): 10/10

  • Exhaustion Factor: 4/10


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