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Castlepoint Lighthouse

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Tuesday, ‎25 ‎April ‎2017

‎Thursday, ‎6 ‎February ‎2020

Location: Castlepoint, Wairarapa

Our kids absolutely adore Castlepoint; the lagoon, the castle, lighthouse and the sand dunes (where you can access them). From the store, around the lagoon, up to the castle and back is a good three hour walk (including stops, of which there are many). They stop everywhere to play in the sand, look at the boats, play in the water and spot the wildlife. This is a real leisurely adventure walk.

We have been over there a number of times and at every age they love the place.

On a sunny day, the lagoon is always busy so be aware of traffic. Not all the sand dunes are accessible anymore (especially not north of the town) so be mindful of where you are. The castle itself is beautiful though rocky and unforgiving so keep the kids close. The track itself is good though.

If your plan is to have fish and chips for dinner then pre-order. Generally speaking you don't have a chance of getting anything on a hot sunny summers day if you don't get your order in early.

Check out: Lighthouse Walk (Department of Conservation)

Age of Kids: 3 and 7 to 5 and 8.

Walking Time: As long as you want, the castle is only 30 minutes up and down though.

Difficulty: Easy

Dogs: On a leash only

Amenities: There's a store on the main road and bathrooms down by the lagoon.

Be Aware: The sea can get dangerous and there are often rogue waves along the beach, we only let the little kids swim in the lagoon (unless they're with an adult). When you're up at the Lighthouse there are lots of drop offs so we always ensure the little kids are holding someone's hand.

Kids Rating (0-10)

  • Overall Fun Factor: 10

  • Legendary Factor: 8

  • Would we do it again?: 9

  • Exhaustion Factor: 4

"Going down the sand dunes and playing in the lagoon is the best thing ever!"


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