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Fensham Reserve - Carterton

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

‎Saturday, ‎31 ‎March ‎2018

Location: Cnr Cobden Road and Haringa Road, Carterton 5810

We came upon this one by chance and were pleasantly surprised by how beautiful it was. It’s essentially one big loop in a native forest reserve not quite in the Tararua Forest Park. It‘s a wee bit of a drive out of Carterton, but well worth the effort.

We decided to complete the the Main Circuit Track clock-wise. We thought that the track was superbly well maintained and were surprised when we popped out of the bush and were rewarded by a spectacular view of the southern Wairarapa plains.

After admiring the view we wound back down back into a rich native forest with a large variety of trees, some were huge - looking to be hundreds of years old, many of which were named and labelled.

There were numerous boardwalks and lots of friendly birds flitting about (heaps of fantails)

We'd definitely recommend this walk! was far better than we ever expected.

Age of our Kids: 4yr and 6yr

Buggy Friendly: No, there are stairs

Walking Time: 2.5 hours (although we stopped a lot)

Length: 2.6km loop

Difficulty: Easy, although there are a few steps for little feet

Amenities: Nothing much to speak of so given the drive it pas to be prepared.

Elevation: 120m climb, 120m descent, 156m highest point


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