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Kahikatea Walk - Gladstone

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

‎Monday, ‎24 ‎April ‎2017

Location: Carters Scenic Reserve, Gladstone, Wairarapa

We found this walk on Google one night while camping in the Wairarapa with a group of friends. We had lots of little kids so wanted something easy but which would burn the energy of our more lively ones (specifically our 5yr old boy). We left ridiculously early as everyone was up at the crack of dawn after a chilly 2 degree night. There was still frost all over the grass when we started out - so gumboots were great.

DOC says: Carter Scenic Reserve is one of the few remaining remnants of patchwork landscape once typical of the Wairarapa - grass, wetland, shrubland, and forest.

The track is mainly a board walk with bits of tracks in-between, one of our friends had a buggy - which worked okay, but there were boggy bits where we needed to lift the buggy over. We saw lots of beautiful birds.

At the end we were all a bit cold and in desperate need of a hot drink, we saw a sign saying "Coffee" at the neighbouring Gladstone vineyard. We meandered next door and found chickens, sheep, pigs - essentially a petting zoo. Plus, you'll never guess...the vineyard sold WINE. Yes, WINE! So it would have been wrong to not try their selection, whoops... we then lost the rest of the day sitting outside in the sun...the kids played in the treehouse/garden and followed the animals around. We sampled every vintage. The only downside (and truly it was the ONLY downside) was that they didn't have a kitchen open - we're not sure if that's normal or just that we were there on a Sunday. We had lunchboxes for the kids though and wine for the adults so stayed much longer than we should have :) (who needs food when you have wine right?)

And the walk was good too - wait, what walk?

Age of Kids: 3yrs, 5yrs (we also had some 2 yr old's)

Walking Time: 30min Return

Length: 1 km (loop)

Difficulty: Easy

Buggy Friendly: Yes - but you might need some help if it's really wet/boggy

Amenities: Nothing on the walk but....the vineyard next door. Now, where do we start?! :P

Dogs: Yes (on lead only)


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