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Matiu-Somes Island

Updated: May 26, 2022

‎Saturday, ‎31 ‎December ‎2016

*and multiple other times

Matiu Somes Island, Wellington - access is only via a boat

For those that don't know Matiu Somes Island is the largest island in the middle of Wellington Harbour; it's a great day outing if you time it with a spectacular Wellington Day.

The kids especially love it because they get to catch the East By West Ferry, a boat ride and a walk - what more could you ask for?

Okay... so back to the track. It's a loop track with panoramic views of Wellington, we took the right hand track up (starting West). We saw Tuatara's and lots of Gecko's along the side of the track.

There's a lighthouse at the southern end of the island and in the middle are the old quarantine buildings which ours kids loved exploring. It's a great day out! Don't miss walking up to the little hill in the middle, it's well worth it for the view and to see the gun emplacements from WW2.

Age of our Kids: Miss 2 & Master 4

Buggy Friendly: It should be okay for a sturdy buggy (and buggy pusher)

Walking Time: 1.5 hour loop track. But we spent about 4 hours on the Island. Take lots of food :)

Length: 4.2km

Elevation: 125m

Track Type: Loop

Difficulty: Easy

Amenities: Toilets are near the main wharf (open between 8.30am and 5pm). There are no shop so bring your own food.

Dogs: Are not allowed

Things to be aware of: You have to time your walk to make the return Ferry (definitely do not miss the last Ferry unintentionally or it'll be a cold night in the old quarantine center.) In saying that, there is accommodation and a campground at the top - we haven't stayed overnight but have friends who have. Everyone raves about it so it's on our to do list.

We finished off in the middle of the island by the quarantine center & it's only a short 10min walk back to the wharf from there.

Kids Rating (0-10)

  • Overall Fun Factor: 9/10

  • Legendary Factor (I've told all my friends about it): 9/10

  • Repeatability Factor (Can we please do it again): 8/10

  • Exhaustion Factor: 4/10


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