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Petone Foreshore

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Thursday, ‎18 ‎April ‎2019

Location: The Esplanade, Petone, Lower Hutt

Petone foreshore (as with all foreshores) is a great place to go exploring. We spend a bit of time down there doing a variety of activities, but inevitably foraging and stone throwing are always involved.

There are two pretty interesting dog parks at both ends, the one by the river has a frisbee golf course which is a constant source of fascination to our two. There's also a playground, the settlers museum and the wharf down the western end.

There's always a coffee cart on the foreshore and the cafe The Seashore Cabaret is a winner with great food and drinks and a few pinball machines to keep the kids entertained.

At 8 and 5 it took our two about an hour to walk one full length (undistracted which is a bit of a feat).

This is an easy family walk and is also great for bikes and scooters.

Buggy Friendly: Very

Walking Time: 1-2 hours

Length: around 4km long (so 8km return)

Difficulty: Easy

Amenities: Anything you could need on a walk, you're one block away from Petone's Main Street.

Dogs: Yes, on lead and there is an off lead dog park down the very Western end of the beach


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