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Totara Loop Track - Rewanui Forest Park - Masterton

Updated: May 3, 2022

Saturday 23rd April 2022

Location: Masterton-Castlepoint Road, Masterton (22km east of Masterton). Look for the Rewanui Forest Park sign, the car park is 400m beyond it on your left (it’s around 20min out of Masterton).

The Rewanui Forest Park is a 334-hectare farm which has multiple loop walks, these include beautiful native bush, pine forests and rolling farmland. The park is owned by Montfort Trimble Foundation, a Masterton-based charity dedicated to growing trees for public benefit (what a great initiative!)

At the carpark there is a shelter where we found maps of the park. We decided to do the Totara Loop Track which was marked in red. We had some of our lovely friends join us, they have two little girls Miss 3 and Miss 5. Both did amazingly well, walking the whole way and just needing a little coaxing and the odd snake lolly.

All the walks start along the same 10min access track which crosses a farm via a few farm gates.

At the top of the Access Track we came across another shelter and a sign which points left to the Totara Loop Track. There was a lovely seat here

If you continue up the track about 10m (instead of heading left) you’ll find a white building which has a flushing toilet inside! Flash :)

After a rest on the seat and a toilet stop, we started along the Totara Loop Track.

This is a beautiful walk which takes you past old Totara, Hinau and Rewarewa trees.

Overall, it’s not difficult but it is a bit technical and not for buggy’s (if you decide to climb the giant pine tree at the start of the track it increases the difficulty level to moderate ;))

One of our friends has very little legs (Miss 3) and she handled it well. We had multiple stops and the mandatory:

1. Inspection of all Mushrooms

2. Playing on the Giant Tree Roots

3. Stamping across all Bridges (to scare away the nasty trolls)

4. Inspection of Dead Animals (in the form of checking all the traps for carcasses.. we found a dead hedgehog which was pretty interesting, (we didn't take a photo but it definitely got a good deal of observation).

On the way back along the Access Track our two couldn't help but try some jumps out of a stock loading ramp. Miss 3 and Miss 5 looked impressed but weren't so keen to follow suit, no-one was surprised.

All up a beautiful park! Can't wait to come back and explore some of the bigger walks (especially Clyde Track).

Thanks Montfort Trimble Foundation!

Age of Kids: Miss 7 and Master 9 (plus 3yr & 5yr)

Walking Time: 1:15min

Length: 3.1km

Elevation: 85m

Difficulty: Moderate (the track is a bit technical)

Wet Feet: It can get muddy :)

Amenities: There is a toilet at the end of the Access Track.

Dogs: Dogs allowed on lead (you cross a working farm)

Cellphone Reception: No/patchy

Things to be aware of: there were signs saying to watch out for stinging nettle, we didn’t see any but maybe worth bringing long pants?


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