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Turakirae Head - Wainuiōmata

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

‎Sunday, ‎7 ‎June ‎2020

Location: The end of Coast Road, Wainuiōmata, Lower Hutt

Turakirae Head’s has the largest New Zealand fur seal colony in the Wellington region. It's a tough and rugged landscape that leaves you feeling refreshed (even on a calm, sunny day).

If you feel fit, you can walk 23 km around to the Wairarapa, we did not but promised we'd be back during summer and attempt an overnight tramp to the Wairarapa (the track goes all the way to Palliser Bay in the South Wairarapa).

This walk was brilliant, exploring the seal colony was a highlight for the kids. You can essentially just walk along the track as far as you want and then back. The track is gravel so a buggy would be a bit of a pain but not impossible.

We’d suggest saving this for a beautiful, sunny day as it's so exposed. Bring warm clothes and food.

Age of Kids: Miss 5 and Master 7

Walking Time: 3 hours

Length: 10km

Difficulty: Easy, its a gravel road the whole way around

Wet Feet: No

Buggy Friendly: It might get a bit annoying in some of the stony patches but people bike this track so with a sturdy buggy you’re sure to be fine.

Amenities: No toilet or any other amenities

Dogs: Yes (on lead only)

Cellphone Reception: No

Be Aware: Seals that can bite (though the ones we saw were pretty docile), plus the southerlies can be freezing. Bring lots of warm clothes and woolen hats/sun hats.


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